Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Great Weekend in Kombo

This weekend was a great weekend in Kombo (the area around Banjul where we live). 

We spent at the Art Village again tie dying! Yay! This is my lovely tie dye, I must say it is pretty sweet.

We spent Friday night playing games in Happy camp and drinking Julbrew, unwinding from the week. Saturday I went to the CPA in the morning then spent the rest of the day on the beach. We ate dinner at a wonderful Chinese restaurant. Spring rolls to die for..

This is the beginning of the Bakau market.
Then Sunday morning us three girls went shopping in Bakau, which isn't very far away from where we live and it has a beautiful craft market!
I got so many Christmas gifts!

This man is so talented. He weaves in front of you outside his shop and his weavings are amazing. I may or may not have gotten a huge one as a gift for someone!

This is Kyle and Madeleine with Neneh, a shop owner that we became friends with. She had the same surname as Madeleine and I so we quickly bonded, calling each other sister. She gave us great prices on some jewelry which I, again, got for many people as gifts.

This is Neneh's brother. They own a shop together, but he does carving while she takes care of bracelets. I bought something from him for a cousin of mine and he was so friendly and made sure I got the best quality product. We had a lot of fun going back and forth over prices. 

Then later that day we went to the monkey park! It cost 30 dalasi to get in, around one US dollar. And it was frowned upon to get groundnuts to feed to the monkeys but we got one of the men who sells tickets said he would break the law just for us though... But when we walked through the park we ended up seeing so many groundnut bags. I didn't feel so special anymore...

Look at this little baby monkey with his mommy!

Meditating monkey.

They ate the groundnuts right out of our hands! It was so cool! Their hands were like little people hands! They were just so cute!

This is the lovely map we had to guide us through the park... Needless to say, it was not helpful whatsoever and we may or may not have gotten lost a few times. We could have gotten a "tour guide" but I had hear that would be a waste of money. It was just a bunch of paths so we eventually found our way out again. But it was getting dark by that time and the monkeys were starting to get crazy! 

Begging for more groundnuts!


He jumped to get the groundnut in my hand. So cool! I look a bit crazy though..

Thats it for now. More to come soon! 

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